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USJ-R ETEEAP holds 3rd Ring Hop Ceremony PDF Print E-mail
The USJ-R Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program popularly known as ETEEAP had its 3rd Ring Hop Ceremony and Graduation Ball on April 20 at Arctic 2 and 3, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.

Attended by graduating students and their families, ETEEAP staff, professors, deans and representatives per college, and some USJ-R staff, the gathering was both intimate and public. Students experienced the traditional hopping on the giant ring at the stage signifying the completion of their formal studies.

ETEEAP Director Dr. Jeffrey Uy made quite a picture of the ring hop ceremony when he compared the ring hop experience to an 18th birthday celebration. He further implored the ETEEAP graduating students not to forget the Josenian values inculcated in them by the ETEEAP teachers. He also stressed the importance of finding “life” in whatever it is one is doing.

In response, a student per college was given the chance to share his/her ETEEAP experience. The student representatives were one in thanking the teachers, families, and the ETEEAP staff for making possible the completion of their studies.  They also shared their individual tales of encounter with their classmates, teachers, and even the real-life drama that surrounded their ETEEAP schooling. In the end, the ETEEAP experience sharing was best put in the words of BSBA HRD ETEEAP graduating student Mr. Jumar Devero when he said “ETEEAP is about making a choice, of pursuing what you want…”

The Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) of USJ-R is an assessment scheme which recognizes knowledge, skills, and prior learning obtained by individuals from non-formal and informal educational experiences. A Bachelor’s degree and equivalency certificates are awarded to students who successfully complete the one-year rigid modular learning sessions.
ETEEAP Advisers captured in a snapshot right before the start of the 3rd ETEEAP Ring Hop Ceremony and Graduation Ball.
Students and their families line up for the registration.
ETEEAP Center and IMC READS together with ETEEAP Director Dr. Jeffrey Uy (in barong); proponents of the working committee who made the 3rd ETEEAP Ring hop a success.
ETEEAP Director Dr. Jeffrey Uy delivers his wisdom-filled welcome address.
USJ-R ETEEAP Batch 2010 singing the ETEEAP hymn in harmony.
USJ-R ETEEAP Batch 2010; witnesses to the unique brand of Josenian education. 
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